multifile and mimetools to parse email folder

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Mon Jun 4 23:29:36 EDT 2001

>>>>> "r" == rdskar  <rdskar1 at> writes:

    r> I want to read through an email folder (I use mutt on debian,
    r> the 'folder' is a text file) and decode the attachments. I
    r> understand how mimetools works, but I am having trouble moving
    r> from message to message with multifile. I have been trying
    r> various combinations off multifile push, pop and readline
    r> methods, but I haven't hit on the right combinations.

My standard answer is to use mimelib :) I'm pushing for mimelib to be
included in Python 2.2.  Although I have some work piled up (good
suggestions from other users) waiting for me to deal with, I'm
successfully using mimelib 0.3 in the Mailman 2.1 alpha.  From
personal experience, I'd say it's a dang sight easier to use than

For now,

Please let me know what you think.  I'm open to suggestions.


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