PEP 255: Simple Generators

Carsten Geckeler uioziaremwpl at
Wed Jun 27 15:15:45 EDT 2001

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Tim Peters wrote:

> [Carsten Geckeler]
> > ...
> > Do you really mean that?  I would not start teaching Icon generators in
> > the context of simple looping like in
> >
> > every i:= 1 to 10
> > do write(i)
> Griswold does.  In the 3rd edtion of "The Icon Programming Language", the
> first two examples of generators are

As first examples it may be ok, but I'm sure Griswold is not explaining
the use and idea of generator by simple loops.

> > Probably most of the readers of this list are not really familiar
> > with Icon, so some examples may be useful.
> That's fine, but I'm going to skip it as the relationship to the PEP is
> getting too thin:  PEP 255 isn't aiming at goal-directed evaluation, just at
> generators.

Well, I was not talking about the PEP but commenting on your point about
Icon generators.  But that's ok, so we should stop comparing generators in
Python and Icon.

Cheers, Carsten
Carsten Geckeler

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