New windows case sensitivity in Python 2.1?

Mike Clarkson support at
Sat Jun 23 03:29:28 CEST 2001

I seem to be seeing a new case sensitivity to the import command under
windows (Win98 FAT 32).

import _tkinter

is failing from import Tkinter. If I open a DOS command window, and
change to the Dll's directory, a DIR shows me

_TKINTER PYD        22,528  06-13-01 10:53p _TKINTER.PYD

in other words the so-called long file name is all upper case. Now if
in that directory I do a (case sensitive)

rename _tkinter.pyd foo
rename foo _tkinter.pyd

DIR shows me

_TKINTER PYD        22,528  06-13-01 10:53p _tkinter.pyd

and the import works. This is either ActiveState 2.1 binary
or the AS source distribution build with MSVC 5.

I've also had 'import idlever' fail from idle - same thing: it's
a DOS 8.3 file name with no mixed case. No problem with execfile.

I never has this problem under 2.0

Many thanks,


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