XML examples needed

Mats Wichmann xyzmats at laplaza.org
Sun Jun 3 16:59:12 EDT 2001

Sigh. Sometimes all this stuff makes me feel really stupid.

I'm trying to figure out some really basic usage of XML in Python.  I
have a document that I'd like to structure as XML and use Python to
generate an output file from it: the XML is for maintainability of the
"raw data", but it needs to be turned into something much more complex
eventually (a web page with embedded javascript).

Problem is, the whole world seems to think you're going to use Java
for this sort of stuff.

The Python XML docs (standard distro and PyXML) don't really have any
basic examples, and I'm not grokking.

Books...there's McGrath's XML Processing with Python, but besides my
not having any book budget at the moment, the book seems to have come
in for quite a bit of criticism so I'm pretty doubful in any case.

So where to go?  Are there any useful low-level tutorials of the
"getting started" variety out there on the web that talk specifically
about Python usage?


Mats Wichmann

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