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> Ah, I had the exact same problem...its a small bug only on non-windows
> were on the
> right track.
> In file, go to this line(roundabout 72 to 75):
>     self.SetDimensions(120, 75, Preferences.wxDefaultFrameSize.x,
>     Preferences.wxDefaultFrameSize.y)
> and remark it with leading #'s.
> directly after that you should put:
> if wxPlatform == '__WXGTK__':
>     self.SetDimensions(120, 75, Preferences.wxDefaultFrameSize[0],
>         Preferences.wxDefaultFrameSize[1])
> I can't remember if this bit was there or not, but make sure you've got
> it in there. Its a small
> difference in the wxWindows API on MS and UNIX.  MS uses .x and .y
> attributes and UNIX [0] and [1] indexes for wxDefaultFrameSize.
> lemme know if it helps or not!
Excellent, that did the trick! After following your suggestion, to the
letter I might add, I was able to see exactly what the help system was
looking for and adjust paths accordingly. Re-reading my post, I see the
second Q is nonsense- gotta stop posting when I'm tired and frustrated!

Haven't had time yet to really use Boa (this weekend, for sure), but it
looks very impressive- hope development continues. Particularly like the
context sensitive help- moving in the right direction IMHO.

many thanks....  

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