Event-driven GUIs, PythonWorks, Boa, wxWindows; future directions of event-driven Python?

Ron Stephens rdsteph at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 18 21:50:16 EDT 2001

Well, I really appreciate all of the good advice and comments. Considering
all of it, and that I am using Windows, I think I am going to decide to just
dig in and really study and learn either Tkinter *or* wxPython. I have a
whole week next week, my family will be gone and I am on vacation. I should
be able to do it.

I lean towards Tkinter, because I have "Programming Python" and "Python and
Tkinter" books. But I do look wistfully at wxPython, which seems pretty
straight forward OOP (as far as it looks to this newbie) and the
documentation in the wxPython package looks pretty good on all the widgets;
*and* the new tutorial recommended by Christopher Barker at
http://wxpython.org/cgi-bin/wiki/Getting_20Started looks fine. wxPython is

My usual modus operandi when faced with such a dilemma would be to just dive
in and try to learn both, since I couldn't decide between them, thus
over-complicating the chore. ;-))

I really think I should decide this though. Tkinter, by a hair, unless I
change my mind by Friday, when I get home from the office ;-)))

Does anyone recall the 60's song "Have you ever had to make up your mind,
.......and leave the other behind" or some such lyrics...

Thanks for *all* the help. It was informative and appreciated. Still open to
last minute wxPython vs. Tkinter comments....

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