How to avoid MemoryError on recursion?

Dave Haynes Dave.Haynes at
Thu Jun 28 13:05:58 CEST 2001

Hi all,

 I'm using John Aycock's SPARK ( ) to process some files. Part
of the SPARK semantic checker uses a recursive function to traverse
the syntax tree. I've had to increase the recursion limit to 10000 to
avoid RuntimeError, and I now get 'MemoryError: Stack overflow'.
 Is there anything I can do to get Python more allocated memory (or
get it to use less)? I'm using Python 2.0 on a Windows NT4 box with
256 Mbyte RAM. Task Manager registers only 26% of this in use while
running the script.

 Anyone more familiar with SPARK than I am might be able to give some
tips on how to flatten the AST tree. I'm working from a fixed BNF
description, which has plenty of hierarchy in it.



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