Lego Mindstorms robotics control via Python?

Kevin Altis altis at
Fri Jun 1 20:47:04 CEST 2001

I would like to control a robot via Python on Windows (specifically Windows
2000). The Lego Mindstorms product is relatively inexpensive and easy to
find and supports an infrared transmitter, so that seems like a good choice
to program around. Does anyone know if there is a already a Python wrapper
for issuing RCX ("yellow brick") commands? If not, how about a COM-enabled
app that I could control or a C library/source that I could wrap in Python?
Any other suggestions, reading material, or URLs for further info would be
appreciated. I would be interested in controlling other robotic devices, but
only if they are commercially available and relatively inexpensive.

I'm currently working on a more elaborate set of turtle graphics modules
than Guido's standard tk module and I want to support external devices in
addition to drawing on the screen. Right now, I'm doing graphics via
wxPython which works splendidly. This is alpha-ware, so I haven't put it up
on a website yet, but those interested in testing and giving input on the
wxTurtle (wxPython) version can contact me directly via email.


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