best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

Bart Kowalski me at
Fri Jun 1 03:08:09 CEST 2001

> The answer to all your prayers is a technology called "WildTangent" (
> ) It is a technology that allows websites to embed 3D
> applets into the site, using DirectX for hardware rendering. The technology
> consists of an API that can be accessed from almost any web-based language,
> ie Java, Javascript, Visual Basic and C++, and interfaces with directx to
> provide 3D multimedia. To view the final website the user requires a plugin,
> which is only 100k i think. I have never actually used it myself, i started
> downloading the SDK but never finished it. I have however seen a few demos
> of the technology in action, and it is very impressive.

Did the OP mention anything about Windows? Then why the heck are you suggesting
an extremely platform-dependent solution based on specific technologies from a
specific vendor? Has it crossed your mind that perhaps if Java is being used
then portability might be one of the requirements?


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