the indentaion for grouping thing

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Thu Jun 28 09:37:27 EDT 2001

Anonymous <anonymous at anonymous.anonymous> wrote in message news:<3b33d9d6$1_1 at anonymous>...
> Someone quoted Guido as saying (I'm paraphrasing) that he
> is determined to be ignorant of any discussion regarding the white
> space for grouping thing. How sad. How crusty. How typical.
> Anyway, I will continue to use Python I guess, but I gather that someone
> has written a preprocessor that allows you to use delimiters with python.
> Is this true? If so, where can I find it, I would like to use it.
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Realistically, any group of people that's working on Python code
written by any Python programmer on earth (you or anyone else even!)
should /know Python/. They should understand why mixing spaces and
tabs is a Bad Idea(TM), in Python, and often elsewhere for that

They should also understand that /in case/ somebody is silly enough to
mix the two, there exists the utility script in Tool/Scripts called
"". Because the Python interpreter parses tabs to mean "8
spaces", running will convert any tab characters it finds
to....8 spaces! This means that if you have a source file that worked
/before/, but mixed tabs and spaces, running on it will
replace said tabs with spaces, and the code will still work precisely
as before.

Problem solved.

Also, there are a lot of very, very smart people developing the Python
core, and using Python in their everyday hacking. Do you /really/
think you've discovered the Magic Reason why indentation is a poor
method for grouping blocks, and all of them overlooked it? Not bloody
likely. :)


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