pair programming, vim?

Rainy sill at
Sun Jun 17 23:49:35 EDT 2001

On 17 Jun 2001 19:01:59 GMT, Remco Gerlich <scarblac at> wrote:
> Rainy <sill at> wrote in comp.lang.python:
>> Did anyone try pair programming over the net? In particular, is it possible
>> to set up vim with a shared buffer or, failing that, some other editor? If
>> so, does anyone want to try pair programming some small project? 
> Emacs.
> The simplest possible way, as someone on the emacs group pointed out, is
> M-x make-frame-on-display. Simply open another window of this same emacs
> instance on that computer there, and you can both type in the same buffer,
> and see what the other does. Obviously, there are problems (if one quits
> then both quit, and the remote user has total access to the files of the
> local user running emacs).
> Another option is shbuf: 
> One user starts a server (written in erlang, you need an erlang interpreter)
> and others can connect to it, to share a buffer. Only one person can edit at
> a time, the others watch.

Thanks, I'll look into them.

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