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Sat Jun 30 06:31:33 EDT 2001

Tim Peters < at> wrote:
> [Martijn Faassen]
>> Which is why a system more or less *forcing* core developers to look
>> at these issues *only* for a while may be good.

> Afraid it can't be done:  most development comes from volunteer time, and
> volunteers can't be forced to do anything.

Of course, but even volunteers can self-impose restrictions. People 
already do that. For instance, there's the restriction that things
don't go in if Guido doesn't like them. This is more or less a 
self imposed restriction. So which is why I said 'more or less
forcing'. Actual forcing is of course undesirable, and we should
all be glad it's impossible (PSU excepted).

> If some area is lacking, what it
> needs is new volunteers who *want* to work in that area, and, indeed, want
> to work in that area so much that they'll freely contribute a good part of
> their lives to do so.

Of course this is needed. But a collective mental shift in focus once
every while from core language features to more 'peripheral' work could be
supportive of such people, if nothing else. 

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