RFD comp.lang.python.zope & ZPugDC Meeting Tomorrow

Chris Abraham chris at dc.zdev.org
Wed Jun 20 15:57:33 EDT 2001

> I suppose it's more useful to test waters on the Zope mailing list, but then
> it's almost certain that this group would get loads of votes.

I have done.  I am just wanting to get a sense.

> I'm not sure. Just that it's written in Python doesn't seem very relevant,
> and it can be extended in Perl now as well. Other options would be
> comp.soft-sys.zope or comp.infosystems.www.appservers.zope or something like
> that. If you want a smooth news.groups discussion (is that even possible
> these days?), at least try to give more explanation why your name is better
> in the RFD :).

comp.soft-sys.zope? comp.infosystems.www.appservers.zope?  Maybe the
appserver would be better, yes!  I don't know about the soft-sys -- what
does that *mean*? :-)

> Would the group mirror the Zope list the way comp.lang.python and the
> mailing list do?

Yes, probably!  Yes, why not!  It would do a good job of getting crossover
people and getting another way to really index the content.
> Anyway, I'd like to see it happen. Comp.lang.python is a very busy group,
> but splitting it won't work well. Maybe the best way is to make some of the
> mailing lists into newsgroups, and Zope is obviously big enough.

I wouldn't want to spit the group, but I do think that Python is too
low-level for a lot of Zope people... most Zope people do need Pythin
sooner or later, but Python's group is a little too much for some/many

Thanks for you kind words and support,


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