idle BUG

HEMMI Shigeru hemmi at
Thu Jun 14 21:50:41 EDT 2001

I am using python 2.1 on Win98.
I have some experience which may be a clue of this problem.
(Note: I am new to python; I am not sure if what I am writing is true.)

In conlusion, I suspect that to use pythonw.exe instead of 
python.exe to launch from dos box is better.

My experience:
Start python.exe and then do os.system('myprog.exe') 
from idle-shell window will cause hang.
Here, myprog.exe is a tiny console app in which 
simple stdin and stdout have been used.
Instead, start pythonw.exe and do the same thing,
it worked properly and I was able to close idle without 

Robin Becker wrote:
> I think this must be a bug in Tkinter, but since no one ever responds I
> thought I'd whine about idle instead.
> I run python2.1 Win95 OSR2.
> Start a command window
> run python
> Kill the idle window using the mouse (click on the x). In some unknown
> percentage of cases (like 50%) the process hangs and doesn't return to
> the command window.
> The hung process is very destructive and makes it impossible to reboot
> the machine properly. This bug has been present for a very long time and
> I'm fed up with it.


HEMMI Shigeru

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