Solaris 8/x86: Build problems

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Sat Jun 16 14:31:10 EDT 2001

xyzmats at (Mats Wichmann) writes:

> The configure and build of the Python binary itself was completely
> clean, but as soon as the modules and distutils come into play, it
> blows up completely.  I built Python 2.0 some months ago and didn't
> see this, but at that point distutils weren't involved, right?  


> I'm suspecting the autoconfigure somehow is not giving the right
> magic incantation to distutils.

It looks that way. With the details you gave, and without access to
Solaris x86, it is hard to tell what the problem is. Seeing the line
that was used to build structmodule.o from structmodule.c would help

My guess is that the -fPIC option is missing in that compile step.


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