Python for air traffic control?

Cristian Echeverria cer at
Sat Jun 30 06:31:17 CEST 2001

This is the tipical problem to solve with Eiffel.
Strong typing and Design by contract are the key and the model to solve
problems like this.

Anyway I think C/C++ is not a good choice.

"Russ" <18k11tm001 at> escribió en el mensaje
news:bebbba07.0106291642.6c799d15 at
> I am thinking about using Python for a unique safety-critical
> application in air traffic control. It will monitor a few hundred
> aircraft for conformance to assigned trajectories, and it will
> initiate an automatic alarm (for both controller and pilot) if an
> aircraft deviates from its assigned trajectory and is in danger of a
> collision. (The trajectory and tracking data will come from existing
> C/C++ programs.) The software must be as simple, clean, and robust as
> humanly possible. The default languages here are C/C++, but I am
> toying with the idea of using Python instead. However, I am a bit
> nervous about the lack of type checking and function prototyping,
> among other issues. Is Python up to this task? Thanks for your
> insights.

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