disabling DeprecationWarning ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Jun 4 14:16:15 EDT 2001

Clark C. Evans wrote:

> I have alot of older modules (that I'd rather not
> upgrade at this time), such as Mailman that
> constantly complain about the regex module
> DeprecationWarning.  Anyway, this stuff generates
> huge log files and is distracting.  I know
> the regex module is deprechated.  Is there a way
> to re-compile python 2.1 so that it doesn't complain?


any reason you cannot just leave a 2.0 installation in place,
and use it for the old code?

if you insist, you can patch your site.py or sitecustomize.py
file to switch off warnings, using something like:

    import warnings

also see section 5 of:


and the library reference (the "warnings" module).

Cheers /F

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