py2exe - too many Tk files

Nick Perkins nperkins7 at
Fri Jun 1 20:48:47 EDT 2001

"Gordon McMillan" <gmcm at> wrote in message

> Installer, by default, excludes /demos and /images. Don't know about
> Thomas, but I didn't feel like writing a dependency tracker for Tcl/Tk and
> a quick look around didn't find one.

..well, that's a good start.
I will have to try your installer, too.

..I was also wondering about all those funky 'encoding' files,


macJapan.enc  48 kb
cp949.enc    130 kb
cp936.enc    132 kb

..and many others

They add up to quite a bit, and I sure don't need all of them.
I probably need at least one, I suppose, maybe ascii.enc (the smallest one
at about 1 kb ).

On a related note, will having too many Tk files increase the run-time
memory usage of an app?  I sent a 'compiled' Tk app to a friend who was
surprised that such a simple little program was using 5MB ram on his Win2K.
I suppose that's 90% Tk overhead, (or is it Python overhead?) but I was
wondering if that memory usage is related to unnecessary Tcl/Tk files being

Thanks for any advice.

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