Interfacing GUI applications..?

Pierre Fortin pfortin at
Thu Jun 21 16:04:01 CEST 2001

Aandi Inston wrote:
> Pierre Fortin <pfortin at> wrote:
> >> Why does this need scripting? Isn't this solvable in a supported way
> >> using FDF files?
> >Say what...?!  Are you suggesting I write code which generates hundreds of
> >values only to have to manually transcribe the results into a "fill-in" PDF
> >file...?  If so...  :^P
> Where did I say anything about "manually transcribe"? Perhaps you do
> not know how to open an FDF file in order to fill in a form.  Or
> perhaps this does not work in *nix?

Sorry, I missed the *F*DF (I read PDF); downloading the *nix SDKs now...


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