Python + threads + wxWindows = segfault, help!

Greg Copeland gtcopeland at
Fri Jun 1 22:52:12 CEST 2001

No, I've only started trying to figure out exactly where the
problem is.  I haven't been able to spend much time on it yet.
A number of people have told me to get the ActiveState stuff,
which I guess I can try just to make sure, but at this point
I'm pretty sure it's the application and not python and/or
wxWindows (wxPython).  BTW, I can't seem to find wxMutexGUI()
in wxPython.  Is this me overlooking something or is it simply
not available yet?

BTW, your conclusion is what I've been thinking too, so I guess
I'll have to keep looking for this thing.


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> In article <m2vgmgoxtp.fsf at>,
> Greg Copeland  <gtcopeland at> wrote:
> >
> >Arg!  In my hurry to get this posted it seems that I left some
> >important information out.  I'm running Python 2.1 with wxPython
> >2.2.5 and wxWindows 2.2.7, though I get the same results with
> >2.2.5 as well.
> >
> >The application design is using the parent for the GUI and
> >threads for communication.  Data is passed back and forth via
> >Python's Queue class.
> >
> >Most of the segs that I get seemingly have to do with threads.
> >I think I'm the only SMP user on the project and oddly enough,
> >I think I'm the only user seeing issues like this.
> Are you calling any extensions other than wxPython?  It sounds like some
> thread is calling into Python when it doesn't have the Global
> Interpreter Lock.  Are you sure that threads other than main *don't*
> make any wxPython calls?
> What OS is this on?  (I'm assuming SGI, but....)
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