Best solution ?

D-Man dsh8290 at
Mon Jun 18 16:05:11 EDT 2001

On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 08:50:16PM +0200, NightOwl wrote:
| I am planning (hoping to) write a database-GUI which would mostly
| run in Windows but connect to a Postgressql database on a central
| linux-server. If I can write the GUI so that it can also run in
| Linux, that would be a big advantage. I was thinking about Python,
| since that runs on both platforms.  An other option is PHP (which I
| have used extensively in webpages but never stand-alone).
| A couple of questions remain :
| 1) Is Python capable of easily accessing a Postgres db? (like PHP?)
| (if not, would it work with MySql) ?

Yes for both.

| 2) would it be possible to design code which would (the same code)
| run on Linux X-windows as on Microsoft Windows ?

Yes.  Now you have your choice -- do you want to use Tkinter, PyGTK,
PyQt, wxPython, some other toolkit?

| 3) Would these thing (if anybody knows) be possible with PHP ?

No clue.

| 4) If 3° is yes, what would you prefer ?

Python <wink>.

| Any other suggestions are welcome, as long as I am able to build a
| GUI for a central database which would easily print documents too
| (Python has Windows COM-support, doesn't it ?)

COM support exists with the win32all extension library (free).  Of
course, this doesn't work under Linux, but you could use MFC for the


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