Is this a true statement?

Austin Schutz tex at
Fri Jun 29 14:27:14 EDT 2001

> >Yes, a device driver has to do this. But I don't see why a
> >program that _writes_ a device driver has to do these things.
> Nobody is arging that you can't write a Python program that
> generates a sequence of bytes in a file that can be used as a
> device driver by some particular OS.  You don't seriously think
> that anybody is interested in doing this do you?

	I'm actually considering doing essentially this very thing,
though perhaps indirectly because I want to have it write assembly
code which is then assembled to machine language. Essentially
the same concept though. It wouldn't be _that_ much of a leap to
put the assembler brains into python, at least not for the simple
chip I'm working with.
	One reason I'm considering doing this is to be able to pin
down (at compile time) exact timing considerations; I can calculate
the time necessary to run a branch of code before I pass it off to
the assembler and e.g. add in NOPs as necessary.

	I may not actually do it, but I am seriously considering it.
It's not really _that_ dumb of an idea. :-)


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