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Wed Jun 13 06:28:20 EDT 2001

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> 	sorular at (sorular) writes:
> > Can MapIt work with Zope server?
> There are not explicit provisions to integrate it with Zope.
> But there is also nothing stopping you from just calling the python
> functions from Zope and use them. :)
> Overall I would say: 80% yes

As I've just answered a private mail with the same question, some more
specific answer:

The form data of a request is represented slightly differently in Zope
and the standard CGI module and MapIt! currently expects the latter.
It's not difficult to adapt MapIt! to Zope in this regard, you'll just
have to modify the module base/ (i.e. remove all the ".value"s
in Parameters.__init__).

There might be other problems, of course.


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