Curses question

Piotr Waskiewicz piotr at
Fri Jun 15 11:55:51 EDT 2001

Andrew Kuchling wrote:
> > Can I resize curses windows without destroying them?
> > Or is there bind to curses wresize()?
> In 2.x, Window objects have a resize() method if it's supported by the
> curses library.  Note that wresize() may be an ncurses extension.
> Several SYSV curses implementations don't have a wresize() function,
> so the method isn't supported there; Solaris, IRIX and Tru64 are the
> relevant platforms here.
But I can't find any info about this method, and xxx.resize.__doc__ 
returns None :( Can you point me to any info about this method?

TIA again :)

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