PEP 260: simplify xrange()

Grant Griffin not.this at
Wed Jun 27 23:35:51 EDT 2001

Roman Suzi wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> >I haven't heard any real objections here, so I'm going to go ahead and
> >make this change (ripping the fancy stuff from xrange()) later this
> >week.  Boy does that feel good. ;-)
> Yes, no objections from me too.
> Though I would like PyChecker to score programs on the basis the features
> they use and warn if some features are being phased out soon ;-)
> Like:


BTW, can PyChecker do Python-version enforcement?  Specifically, I think
it would be great if we had a gizmo at least to enforce 1.5.2 (besides
1.5.2 itself <wink>).

Even cooler would be if Python had some sort of feature for this.  (I'd
write a PEP for that, but I fear that it might lead to a new version
<wink>.)  But I guess for reasons of efficiency something like this
should be an "offline" tool anyway rather than pollute the innards of

just-trying-to-reallocate-xrange's-cruft-<wink>-ly y'rs,


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