Alan Gauld alan.gauld at
Mon Jun 4 19:18:01 CEST 2001

Paul Brian wrote:
> like to know if it is possible to (using python) activate a windows
> application that takes input from a GUI, and enter in data through 
> the GUI programmatically.

If you are using a reasonable terminal emulator you should find 
there is an API to control the screen. For example most 3270 
TEs come with HLLAPI intefaces to set cursor positions, 
read fields etc.

Again if its a modern API you should be able to control that 
via a COM interface in which case the winall package will 
do the job.

Thats two big ifs but not unreasoinable ones. Check your TE
documentation. If there is no API or you are using something 
really dumb then you will be stuck with saending keystrokes 
via the Win32 API - ugh a maintenance nightmare...!

> I am prevented from using any kind of API or direct interface 

I assume here you mean an API to the underlying app not an 
API to the terminal emulator...

Alan g.

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