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Sun Jun 10 09:21:18 EDT 2001

On 10 Jun 2001, Artur Skura wrote:

>I'm not a fan of OO but I decided to give it a try. After all, Python
>makes it elegant.
>So I wrote a program usuing classes, methods etc. All nice. Then it
>grew up and I decided to split it in several files - one class into
>each class as Guido asked us to do.
>And then, I came across my first problem: I had had a global variable
>(just one!) and it wouldn't work anymore. At all. Any 'global'
>declarations wouldn't help, and without it I'm lost.

Probably, you have 3 different globals: one per module.

>So, I thought I might be smarter than it. I would pass this
>variable to where I need it, but... it stil obstinately refuses to
>work. But then, my ex-global is a list of instances of a class,
>and methods in instances of another class won't accept it as
>an argument.

Why do you need global variable in the OOP design anyway?
Maybe, it belongs to os.environ or some container class?

I blame myself each time I maintain code with global variables:
the code can't be easily reconfigured, creates other problems.
Globals are allright only in short scripts which has no chance
to grow larger.

>So, any ideas how I should cope with that and be able to use my
>global variable in different clases in different files?

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