best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

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Thu Jun 7 00:11:07 EDT 2001

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001 16:22:06 +0200, "Thomas Hansen"
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>>> PS!
>>> It's an ActiveX object,
>> Ergo it won't work in my browser, nor in any other browser except IE.
> Who cares if they're making games since EVERYBODY that play games on
> something else then a Sony, GameBoy (or similar) sits in front of a PC...

Who is talking about games here?
This post is about a person who tries to realize a 3D access interface for a
database from within a browser. Please read a thread carefully before replying
to it.

Despite that, I play games and I also play games within my browser.
And when the game uses Java3D, I can play it on every PC I like. The WT games
don't run on the PCs I usually use, because they either run with Solaris, Irix
or Linux.

>>> wraps around DirectX to make scripting 3D games
>>> possible.
>> Ergo it won't work on any plattforms except Windows.
> Same as above, except exchange PC with WIN32 system...

Why should only Win32 users be allowed to access this database via their
browser? Because some stupid Windows user think that they rule the planet?
> DirectX have had hardware acc. T&L since version 6 or seven I think...

No, DirectX7 is the first version with T&L support in hardware.
All older games use software T&L in DirectX (IOW your CPU is doing all the
work) and to make use of the new hardware T&L, programmers have to rewrite
their code, while OpenGL applications automatically make use of this feature,
without altering their code.

(and that also OpenGL is older than much to Micro$ofts great

>> I've seen that too and it even works without hardware acceleration.
> It was very nice, and I was actually very impressed, but it's not even in
> the same league as the WTGD...

It also doesn't make use of Java3D, IOW that was plain software emulation.
So before you haven't even seen Java3D action, you aren't in the position to
judge about it.


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