Event-driven GUIs, PythonWorks, Boa, wxWindows; future directions of event-driven Python?

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Mon Jun 18 10:15:40 CEST 2001

"Paul Prescod" <paulp at ActiveState.com> wrote in message
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    [mostly snipped excellent explanation]
> Visual Python is an IDE plug-in for Visual Studio.NET. Visual Studio.NET
> is an IDE from Microsoft that has the four letters .NET at the end to
> convince you that it is sufficiently different from Visual Studio 7 that

I think you mean 6 where you wrote 7 here...?

> you should buy it. You can develop .NET applications with Visual Studio
> .NET but you can also develop old fashioned Windows applications or raw

I find it incredible that MS mktg doesn't understand the deep (and
justified on the burned-once principle) *CONSERVATISM* of many, many
development organizations.  Those "four letters at the end", as you
so well put it, ARE convincing many that the IDE "is sufficiently
different from VS6" that they *WON'T* buy it -- or, at least, not yet.

If they've made the strategic decision not to develop for the .NET
platform YET (quite a reasonable one for many development orgs at
this point -- experimentation is one thing, but production SW on
which big money depends needs to proceed very cautiously), and the
'brilliant' folks at MS mktg manage to convince them that VS.NET
*IS* about .NET, then it follows that development will remain on
good old VS6 -- period.  *sigh*.  What a mktg *GOOF*...!-(


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