Event-driven GUIs, PythonWorks, Boa, wxWindows; future directions of event-driven Python?

Paul Prescod paulp at ActiveState.com
Mon Jun 18 01:25:53 EDT 2001

bradclark1 wrote:
> Am I missing something here? From what I read at the above it 
> says for .net.
> I didn't see anything else about it?

Visual Python:

[1] http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Downloads/VisualPython/

Visual Python is an IDE plug-in for Visual Studio.NET. Visual Studio.NET
is an IDE from Microsoft that has the four letters .NET at the end to
convince you that it is sufficiently different from Visual Studio 7 that
you should buy it. You can develop .NET applications with Visual Studio
.NET but you can also develop old fashioned Windows applications or raw
text files. Or, thanks to Visual Python, Python programs. Those Python
programs are exactly the same as those you would create with Komodo, or
PythonWin, or IDLE. It is just a Python development environment embedded
in Visual Studio. If you want, you could copy the scripts to Unix and
use them there. There is nothing .NET about them.

Python for .NET:

[2] http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/NET/

Python.NET is an experimental *re-implementation* of Python for the .NET
framework. It allows Python programs to be first-class .NET citizens
alongside C#, C++ and Visual Basic. You could use Visual Studio.NET to
create Python.NET programs but you could also use notepad or IDLE or
anything else that can edit Python programs. It's just a new interpreter
for Python programs. It isn't tied to any development environment.

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