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First of all, let me apologize.  My original comment was intended to be
teasing, and I'm sorry this has descended into heavy-handedness.

In article <9f5lrt026g6 at>,
Alex Martelli <aleaxit at> wrote:
>> The dictionary definitions don't represent the standard distinctions
>> used in CS.
>Can you back up this bold assertion with quotes supporting
>your contention that (if I get you right?) "infinite precision"
>means nothing attainable on a (necessarily finite) computer
>while "unbounded precision" means something attainable?  I
>have quite a few counter-examples, such as:
>  [snippety-doo-dah]

Well, I guess you're right.  It's not what I was taught in my CS
program, but I can't argue with the weight of publications you found.
It still doesn't feel right to me, though.
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