[Python-Dev] Feedback on new floating point info in tutorial

James Logajan JamesL at Lugoj.Com
Tue Jun 12 08:17:17 CEST 2001

"Delaney, Timothy" wrote:
> > Tim Peters wrote:
> >
> > > god-created-the-integers-from-1-through-3-inclusive-and-that's-it-ly
> > >     y'rs  - tim
> > >
> > I thought "many" came after two ...
> Well, that's true, but large numbers of people forget that "many" itself is
> a number ...
> 1, 2, many, many 1, many 2, many many, many many 1, many many 2, many many
> many, lots!

George Gamow wrote a book titled "One Two Three... Infinity". So there seems
to be some authority behind things getting rather innumerable after three!
(Gamow being one of the three involved in the famously named
Alpher-Bethe-Gamow theory of the origin of the elements (the real names of
the authors being a play on the first three letters of the greek alphabet).)

Sorry, not sure what this has to do with Python....

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