Graphical script editors???

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri Jun 1 05:32:19 CEST 2001

On Fri, 01 Jun 2001 00:50:08 GMT, W. Jarrett Campbell <jarrett at> wrote:
>I am curious if there are any graphical script editors for the application
>that I'm working on.
>I'm creating libraries of functions in a scripting language that can be
>utilized by novice programmers to achieve a certain task.  These functions
>will be called in serial and/or parallel fashion to process a sequence of
>data and ultimately produce a result.
>An example would be creating a result that is the inverse of a filtered data
>x(my raw data) -->   [first order filter] --> [inverse calculation] -->
>y(resulting data)
>A second user may want to do the same thing, but use a second order filter:
>x(my raw data) -->   [second order filter] --> [inverse calculation] -->
>y(resulting data)
>Another user may want to calculate the inverse, but not filter the data at
>x(my raw data) -->   [inverse calculation] --> y(resulting data)
>And so on...

I wrote a ladder diagram editor and code generator that
generates C source code based on function blocks and source
code template files.  The code generation part is written in C
and isn't quite what you're looking for (ladder diagrams
represent boolean expressions involving various function

But, the diagram editor might be useful. You can define
arbitrary blocks and hook them together how ever you want.  It
generates a net-list which is then processed by the code
generator program.

The editor is in STk (a Scheme/Tk combination) and should be
easily translatable into Python.

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