best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

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Sun Jun 3 10:21:30 EDT 2001

TGOS wrote:
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> > I agree totally, but fact is 99.99999% of the commersial world uses win32.
> Are you sure you understand the term "commercial"?
> Windows is mainly used by private users and not even there 99% of them use it.
> Do you think a nuclear power plant runs with Windows? Or maybe the software of
> an airport tower? If that's the case, how many people do you think would die
> during a blue screen error?
> Do you think the majority of worldwide banks use Windows? An easy to hack,
> insecure and not very stable operating system? A blue screen would mean loosing
> millions of dollars a minute and a single hack would make every hacker a rich
> man.
> In some countries there are even more Unix/Linux PCs than Windows PCs. Please
> never assume that what is valid in your country is valid for the rest of the
> world as well. You are not living alone on that planet and your country isn't
> the only one that exists or that is important.

Just to inform you: the worlds easiest to hack and crack systems are the
UNIX systems.  Due to the fact that they have been designed for
university (friendly) environment.  Serious users (security, incl. but
not limited to NATO, banks etc.) use VMS.  Some smaller banks use(d)
OS/2.  But what is sure: Linux (UNIX) with sources is ony used (at
serious places) as firewall (where the actuall OS is inspected and
corrected line by line) and as a Web Server with no online connection to
the real internal network.  So don't take UNIX to any higher level than
it is.

And about Windows being a shit: Just try to look around and find a
portable async gethostbyname or a standard gethostbyname_r for
Unices...  Good luck.  BTW you can find numerous workarounds which fail
in numerous environments.

Windows is not better than UNIX and UNIX is not better than Windows and
none of those are neither secure nor realtime O/Ss.  Don't make a
religious war about this.

BTW 1 addition: there are numerous Internet SW which run only on Windows
(some only on win9x series) and they do survive.  Like online casino
SW.  Would they survive with a Linux only solution?  So there is a huge
market for Windows apps.  There is also a market for UnIX apps, although
usually different one.  Apple is somewhere in the "still present" area
thanx mostly to education facilities having Apple, people buying them
for they look good and CEOs buying them for they look expensive...  I am
not saying they are not good.

I am in this business for more than 10 years and as far as I see all
O/Ss suck.  You either don't have a market with them or they simply suck
due to bad design or due to being "compatible" to some old stds.


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