humans should use a power of 2

Greg Ewing see at my.signature
Wed Jun 20 05:54:25 CEST 2001

thinkit wrote:
> In article <9gjqh201q0o at>, thinkit says...
> >
> >please stop using decimal.  most people already only use hexadecimal.  "0x" is
> >your friend...soon enough humans will be only using powers of 2 as general
> >purpose bases.
> >
> sigh...this troll has been posting this same drivel all over all kinds of
> boards.  plus trolling IRC with the same junk.  just *plonk* this troll.

Huh? thinkit is accusing *himself* (or herself?) of
being a troll?!-)

Some attribution or other seems to have gone
astray here...

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