AW:Re: Zyclic updating of toplevel windows

Michael Willenpart willenpart at
Mon Jun 4 14:58:37 EDT 2001

> > Now my question:
> > Is is somehow possible to auto-update the toplevel-windows? e.g. to
> import time
> while 1:
>   update_graphs()
>   time.sleep(600) # seconds
Thank you for the answer!

The problem is: If I write this sleep statement within the function were 
the toplevel window with the graphic diargram is created, the functions 
of the main window are not accessable (it's not possible to push one of 
the buttons in the main window). Probably the program stucks in the while 

Firstly, I don't know how to implement such a while loop within the 
mainloop() of my program.
And secondly I also don't know how to update/access a toplevel window 
from my main program.

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