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Sat Jun 16 01:19:04 CEST 2001

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Pierre Fortin  <pfortin at> wrote:
>I've been searching for a couple of days now and must resort asking for help...
>Does anyone know if it's possible to interface to a GUI application via a Python
>script?  I'm writing an application and would like to invoke Adobe's AcroRead
>(on Linux) and feed data to a "fill-in" PDF file.
>The minimum requirement is to make AcroRead think it's coming from the
>keyboard.  Extra points for mouse events (or shortcuts, though not all menus
>items have shortcuts).
Is this AcroRead operating under Windows?  If so,
I think it will be useful to sharpen your question
to, "Does anyone know whether AcroRead is a COM
server?"  That question, incidentally, has nothing
to do with Python, and little to do with GUIs; the
folks in comp.text.pdf will more likely be of help
with that.

If you're operating under Windows (I speculate you
are), and if AcroRead is a COM server (I anticipate
that it is), then you're in luck; Python is a GREAT
language for COM scripting.

If not ... we'll try something else.

Incidentally, ReportLab might interest you.  'Any-
one out there have any user reports on ReportLab?
I've cobbled together some of my own PDF manipula-
tions, but I'll happily discard all of them for a
well-done package.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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