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Wed Jun 13 08:03:58 EDT 2001

In article <3B26CD62.F89E5FA0 at my.signature>, Greg says...
>thinkit wrote:
>> we all need a general
>>purpose base.  decimal is that now, and hexadecimal would make a better choice.
>And if you use hands and feet, and exclude thumbs and
>big toes, you can even do it on your appendages
>if you really want.
>We need six more digit symbols, though. Borrowing
>letters was okay as an interim measure, but we need
>to move on. Any proposed designs?
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wow...nice to hear a positive message for once--i've developed a flame proof
suit as of late.  yes, 6 more digit symbols would be ideal.  not to mention a
zero that doesn't look like a letter--but such is the ball and chain of
tradition.  the constructed language lojban already has 6 extra words for
A-F...i'm not away of any other languages that do.

this is one reason i've tried to like octal...but i still don't like that it
uses three bits, which is an odd number.  until then...i haven't had too many
problems using hex in my own work.  context as usual will make it clear whether
you mean a number or meat (0xBEEF).

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