Pure Python mini-DB and NCurses

Ryan ryanmorillo at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 14 08:05:51 EDT 2001

do you meen like the jed or joe (wierd linux editors) split screen? or
an actual windows type popup windows type thing?

sill at optonline.net (Rainy) wrote in message news:<slrn9ih0p2.fkq.sill at sill.silmarill.org>...
> On 14 Jun 2001 01:57:03 -0700, Ryan <ryanmorillo at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > I have been trying to figure out how to make a small database with the
> > shelve module, but either the interface to update it is beyond me or
> > I'm just not grocking some small attribute.  I realize that a real DB
> > would be more functional in most cases, but I just want to make a
> > small contacts list program that I can run on the workstation and on a
> > handheld, so I'm trying to make it so the db file can be imported from
> > one to the other and updated.
> > 
> > As for the ncurses I'm just trying to figure out why it would be used.
> >  If anyone has a reason other than novilty I would appreciate it as I
> > can't understand what Guido was thinking when he put it in.
> I'm not sure I got your question right, but ncurses are useful for all kinds
> of console applications where you need windows, such as irc clients, news
> clients, mail clients, text editors and so on.

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