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Robin Becker robin at
Fri Jun 15 04:00:41 EDT 2001

In article <mailman.992571923.27618.python-list at>, Tim Peters
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>> It's clearly some kind of race between python and Tcl/Tk.
>Fredrik Lundh has provoked the same problems with pure Tcl/Tk apps run from
>a wish shell -- no Python components involved.  That is, there's no reason
>to believe Tkinter or Python have anything to do with this.
I don't believe that blaming the other guy (Tcl) is the right way to go.
I too can make Tk Apps go wrong, but in every case that this happened I
eventually traced the problem to a programming error in my tcl coding.
This is especially true in later Tcl's as they've found and fixed some
of the earlier problems and also introduced multithreading. There were
also some problems caused by win32 Tk apps interfering with each other
because of Tk's attempts at determining all existing Tk apps (to allow
the send command to work), but I think that is disabled in 8.3.

I run complex Tcl code every day on the same box and it never locks up.
The reason for wanting to run Tkinter apps from a dos/cmd box is to see
the print outputs for debugging etc.
Robin Becker

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