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In article <3B2EACF5.1D10252D at>, Ron Stephens wrote:
> Anyway, by my count 7 people have expressed some sort of interest in a
> HyperCard-like gui creator, since it was first mentioned yesterday by Roman

I'm a fairly experienced Asymetrix ToolBook developer.  TB's
scripting language is OpenScript, which seems to be HyperCard on
steroids.  I'm very interested.  If I ever learn enough Python, I
would certainly contribute.

I see it as having a *development environment* similar to ToolBook --
that is, the running interpreter loads and dynamically runs the
components of the program being worked on.  There's also an
"immediate window" in which code snippets can be directly typed and
executed.  A really good help system would be a must (and might be
where I could make a direct contribution, if only *because* I'm a
Python tyro and can see it from a beginner's viewpoint).

The scripting language should definitely be Python.

Event handling should be HyperCard/ToolBook-like.  Each object (in
the sense of something you draw in the GUI painter) should have its
own event handlers, scripted in a property of that object.  For
instance, a button would have a script property "on buttonClick"
script defining what to do when a single-first-mouse-button-click
event is received.

The runtime should be Python itself, not some special library.  There
should be the ability to package up any addons, though.
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