Python WWW::Search?

Jay Parlar jparlar at
Fri Jun 29 22:17:23 CEST 2001

Has anyone heard of or seen anything simliar to Perl's WWW::Search collection, but implemented for the most wonderful 
language I've ever used? I need to be able to pull search results from various search engines, and while I have hacked 
together a few pieces of code that do the job for some engines, I'd really like a more robust solution. In case you have no idea 
what I'm talking about (Who'd want to really know anything about Perl anyway? ;-) ), this site describes what WWW::Search is. 

Hopefully someone's seen something equivalent for Python. This would make myself, and my colleague very happy if 
something did exist (Hi Bill!). 

Thanks in advance,
Jay Parlar

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