idle BUG

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Jun 18 19:03:49 EDT 2001

In article <3b2e552f.2621005 at>, Mike Clarkson
<support at> writes
>Robin, try this (you'll have to fix the tk.eval lines back up to be
>all one line). In, change quit() to
>    def quit(self):
>        """Quit the Tcl interpreter. All widgets will be destroyed."""
>'foreach w [winfo child .] {wm protocol $w
>WM_DELETE_WINDOW {}; catch {destroy $w}}')
>'catch {set w .; wm protocol $w WM_DELETE_WINDOW
>{}; destroy $w}')
>If it works for you, I'll explain why it's required under Tkinter, but
>not Tk.
>This makes self.quit() do what it's documented to do, and leaves 
> (which is _tkinter.quit) to do what it does now, namely
>signals the mainloop to end but destroys no widgets.
sorry my app hangs as before. have you got other changes in place?

Robin Becker

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