I had a thought ... (I know, call the newspapers).

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.nospamnet
Sat Jun 2 13:20:31 EDT 2001

In article <9f5nhn02816 at enews2.newsguy.com>, aleaxit at yahoo.com says...
> What if it's FASTER too, as MS is these days claiming
> for their Currency, see above?  I believe the claim is
> unfounded, but that's another issue.  It still seems
> to be little used even by the kind of people who take
> any MS claim as gospel:-).

Even if it's not faster, it would simplify the language for computer 
language newbies. Currency might be a comfortable metaphor for people, 
especially accounting types who probably think a number is naked without 
a currency symbol.

> We can easily supply a Money or Currency or whatever
> type today, *APART* from convenience of literals.  Maybe
> for experimental purposes we can supply that with a
> "preprocessor" at import time, ala PyHTML... (I'd use
> $ though, much as I love the Euro -- requiring Unicode
> source would not endear the concept to most users:-).

Rather then stick to a particular character to denote that something is 
currency, this would be an ideal opportunity to internationalize. 
Further, by saving the unicode representation of the symbol used ($, 
Euro, Pound, Franc, Lire, Yen etc.) one has the potential for doing 
currency conversion with some to be specified __InfixOperator__.


Dave LeBlanc

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