Jython book

Laura Lewin LLewin at oreilly.com
Thu Jun 7 06:26:02 EDT 2001

I have an eye on Jython as well for a book, and am talking to a few
people.  Nothing is set in stone yet, so if anyone has any additional
ideas or suggestions on the topic, please feel free to email me. (Alex
Martelli is quite busy with Nutshell at the moment, but it was a good
LLewin at oreilly.com

Ron Stephens <rdsteph at earthlink.net> wrote in message news:<3B18A902.92912FCF at earthlink.net>...
> It seesm to me there is a huge opportunity fro someone to coem out with
> the first good book on Jython. It is a good tool, but a really good book
> would be of immense help.
> From what I have seen of the knowledge of some on this list, the
> capability is theree for someone to write a definitive masterpiece.
> I hope anyway.
> Maybe Alex Martelli???

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