best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

Bruce G. Stewart bruce.g.stewart at
Sun Jun 3 16:46:42 CEST 2001

TGOS wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Jun 2001 22:31:50 +0200, "Polterguy"
> <idi.amin at> wrote:
> > [...snip...]
> > I agree totally, but fact is 99.99999% of the commersial world uses win32.
> Are you sure you understand the term "commercial"?
> Windows is mainly used by private users and not even there 99% of them use it.

Polterguy is unduly pessimistic about the hegemony of Windows, but your
reply is also unrealistic.

> Do you think a nuclear power plant runs with Windows? Or maybe the software of
> an airport tower? If that's the case, how many people do you think would die
> during a blue screen error?

Most computer systems, even in the nuclear power and air transport
industries, are not in life critical applications.

> Do you think the majority of worldwide banks use Windows? An easy to hack,
> insecure and not very stable operating system? A blue screen would mean loosing
> millions of dollars a minute and a single hack would make every hacker a rich
> man.

Yet most do use it. Not exclusively, but for desktop client machines,
it's very pervasive throughout the financial industry.

> At my university are over 2,000 PCs and not a single one runs with Windows.

You are perhaps fortunate, but not typical. One might wonder why this
is. Surely some individuals or departments could benefit from some
commercial software that is only available for Windows. Are your systems
implemented in some proprietary, non-cross-platform way?

> On which planet are you living?
> You probably think that 99% of all CPUs currently in use are x86 CPUs, right?
> Well, that's damn wrong. Not even 40% of all CPUs are x86 compatible ones.
> (Source: Market Research of '99...not quite up-to-date, but there hasn't
> changed that much in the last 1 and half years)
> And with what OS do you think run the other 60%? Certainly not with Windows.

A large percentage of CPUs aren't in personal computers. Many toil away
in microwave ovens, cd players, electric toothbrushes, etc. These aren't
particularly relevent to questions about 3D graphic maniplulation over
the www.


The main point of your post is well taken. A cross-platform interface
standard is preferable to a platform specific one, other things being
equal. But there's not much point in answering hyperbole with hyperbole.

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