?automatical user authentification?

Sir XaoS Sir-XaoS at gmx.net
Sat Jun 23 11:20:45 EDT 2001


How do I use already existing accounts for a session with python,
actually Zope? e.g. something
like a unix account, because it's nasty remembering too many passwords,
isn't it, and
I only need this usermanagement behind a Firewall and the user
authentification will only be used
for distiguishing between the users. The [password] security is only pro
I just need something to bind in a website which distinguishes the users
from itself,
not by interacting with the user again.
I know that in PHP exist some functions which can deal with unix
accounts, etc.-

    So: how do I handle them in Python?
a better documentation, like found on www.python.org, would help me,

thanks, already.

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