Python + threads + wxWindows = segfault, help!

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Fri Jun 1 21:03:09 CEST 2001

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Greg Copeland  <gtcopeland at> wrote:
>Arg!  In my hurry to get this posted it seems that I left some
>important information out.  I'm running Python 2.1 with wxPython
>2.2.5 and wxWindows 2.2.7, though I get the same results with
>2.2.5 as well.
>The application design is using the parent for the GUI and
>threads for communication.  Data is passed back and forth via
>Python's Queue class.
>Most of the segs that I get seemingly have to do with threads.
>I think I'm the only SMP user on the project and oddly enough,
>I think I'm the only user seeing issues like this.

Are you calling any extensions other than wxPython?  It sounds like some
thread is calling into Python when it doesn't have the Global
Interpreter Lock.  Are you sure that threads other than main *don't*
make any wxPython calls?

What OS is this on?  (I'm assuming SGI, but....)
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