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> > Use tabnanny, or run Python with the '-t' or '-tt'
> > options.  If you're worried, force your version
> > control system to run a validation on the code
> > before checking it in.
> Like I said, all answers like "well, just use product x" don't fly because
> it's not just me that has to use the script. I want my scripts to be
> maintainable by people I don't necessarily know of. I consider it a design
> flaw to have the language dependent upon artificial solutions that are
> external to the language in order to have it be maintainable.

Well, if you run Tabnanny on every file that you edit, and on every file
that ends up having a problem, then... maintenance becomes trivial.  And if
you (or the other developers) are using any sort of IDE or decent editor,
then the whole tab/spaces issue will never come up to begin with--and even
if some pathological case arises where this *is* a problem, that tabnanny
check will fix it in minutes (or less).

> Anyway, nothing will change, so is there a product like I asked about that
> validates and parsers python with paired delimiters added? Not pindent, and
> not comments, because the script has to be unparseable by python without the
> pre-processor.

Tabnanny fits all of the *real* requirements here--it doesn't enforce your
hypothetical delimiters, but it *does* validate code and enforce valid code
It is not Python's fault if you insist on using language constructions that are
foreign to
it, and it is under no obligation to enforce some other language's rules.  If
you are
really so obsessed about delimiters, then maybe you shouldn't use Python.  There

are plenty of other languages that use delimiters.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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