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Darren New dnew at san.rr.com
Fri Jun 1 16:43:58 EDT 2001

Jose' Sebrosa wrote:
> The problem with complexes is to arrange them in a unidimentional structure. As
> we can map R to C (and vice-versa), it is possible:


> Thats the only way I can figure to invent a comparison between two complexes,
> and it seems preety absurd to me...

If you're looking for a consistant but nonsense way of comparing tuples,
you could compare them as tuples of floats. A < B if A.real < B.real ||
(A.real == B.real && A.imag < B.imag).

Not very good mathematics, but then mathematicians don't try to do that.
:-) It certainly doesn't make any *less* sense than "foo" < 27.

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